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Couples Massage Reviews

My wife and I did the Couples Massage workshop, and it was AMAZING!  We've been massage fans for a long time after car accidents got us hooked, but learning to do this ourselves was great!  The session had champagne and chocolate, so how could you go wrong with that?  Seriously though, while we certainly didn't learn everything there is about massage, and don't claim to be massage experts now, we learned enough to really get something out of it, so we can enjoy a soothing massage on each other after a tough day or just for fun.  Would HIGHLY recommend this workshop with Diane!!

Tim Holliday, MASI (Master of Advertising Specialty Information)
2012 National Runner-up Independent Small Business of the Year
Children's World and Children’s World Uniform Supply, Inc.
4525 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota, FL 34233 941.955.6999 ~ www.childrensworlduniform.com/  

Diane Lane is professional, experienced, punctual and very good at massages for relaxation, healing, deep tissue, she can customize your massage.
Owning my own salon has my back and legs tired and weak...Diane is able to stretch and strengthen the whole entire area to make me feel better. 
If you are in the shop for a new therapist to make you feel better...Try Diane.  Her new office on Main Street is beautiful and relaxing ~ right above the Iberia Bank building. You will be glad that I sent you!

Erin D.  ~~ >  Erin and her husband also came for a couples massage workshop and loved it!

Inspirations Salon 1720 Main Street, Sarasota  http://www.inspirationssalon.net/

The kindness, professionalism, and expertise you offer in the massage field exceeded my expectations and helped me overcome my back and neck problems.  I highly recommend Diane Lane.

C. Thomas

The BEST HANDS in all of Sarasota!!  Diane loves what she does, so do I, and so will you!!

Bruce Killian, General Manager, Sarah's Cafe.

I remember the wonderful massage that so thoroughly relaxed me and soothed my body and should with your healing hands and heart, and I am very grateful.  

Elizabeth, Minister

I am an avid squash player and have played football, basketball, participated in field events, and played many years of club tennis.  Ms Lane has kept me showing up three times a week to play squash when many friends have fallen by the wayside due to hip and knee injuries and repairs (one friend has had all four joints replaced).  I take no medications, play pain free,  and credit it all to the superb massage therapy I have received over the years from Ms Lane. 

I recommend her without reservation. 

Byron J Masterson, M. D.
Note:  Dr. Masterson has been a weekly client for over ten years.

Thank you for the peace you so graciously bring to my life through massage….1 and 1/2 hours of healing to my mind, body and spirit.  The gift of nurturing hands as a professional massage therapist is very much appreciated from the heart! World travel and many spa experiences have given me the opportunity to compare the bliss of your talent…you are the best!


Jeanne Babcock

Note: Ms. Jeanne was as well a weekly client for nine years.

Diane Lane provided excellent customer service.  She made my first session extremely comfortable and delivered a top-notch massage utilizing relaxing music and deep pressure.

Liz Woloszyk, Director of Career Services, ITT-Technical Institute

I highly recommend a massage with Diane Lane.  She listens to me and knows what I am looking for, whether it is an hour of relaxation or an intense session of stretching and deep tissue work.  She is professional and an expert at what she does.

Sue Schwarts-Wolski, Unique Travel Planners

Diane is an absolute genius in mending your body, mind, and spirit ~ simply the best.

Jim T.

I have had a lot of massages through the years with several different therapists, but I have settled on Diane Lane.  It's a little hard to describe just what she does because she keeps leading me into "La La Land!"  I am a very physically active guy, even at age 66, and Diane knows just how to relax these 'senior' muscles of mine.  Her touch and technique are absolutely amazing.  My one word description for Diane and what she does is "WOW!"

Gordon Douglas, SendOut Cards

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